Visiting your Veterinarian

Does your dog LIKE going to the vet, or does this happen —>

Visiting your veterinarian is necessary from time to time, so make it a happy experience! Most veterinarians will work hard to make your dog’s visit pleasant, calm, and relaxed, but here’s a few things you can do to help out.

1. Be on time – better yet, be early. You know how your whole family gets stressed out when you take too long to get ready? If you’re stressed because you’re late, your dog will be stressed too. Remember that your emotions have a profound effect on your dog. Get there early, give him/her a little time to settle in, sniff the new smells, and relax.

2. Bring really stinky treats. Sometimes you may have to control your dog while they are being poked and prodded, which is not always enjoyable. If you help them associate that behavior with the phenomenal treats they REALLY love, it will be a much smoother process now, and in the future.

3. FIND A GOOD VETERINARIAN. A good, caring veterinarian is worth their weight in gold. Really. We have a wonderful vet who ends our visits with a little puppy play time. Why is this important? Because the dog doesn’t associate the veterinarian with the procedures, needles and other uncomfortable things that happen there. He just knows she’s awesomely fun.

Do you have any other tips on visiting the vet? Share them in the comments!

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