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A Star Is Born

  Yesterday was an excellent day for those of us at The Puppy Places, since we partnered with Paws With A Cause trainers and pups to put together a series of training videos for you!   [...]

Keeping your dog’s attention on leash

Keeping Attention Without Treats! Walking Your Dog With Distractions by Kimberly LeMaster It can be incredible at how attentive your dog can be on a walk, heeling nicely beside you in perfect form. Of course, you [...]

Veteran’s Day Salute to Military Dogs

Today is Veteran's Day in the United States, and all of us here at The Puppy Places (many of whom are vets themselves) join the nation in giving our respect and our thanks to our country's [...]

Our Pet Store has surprising deals!

Even we get surprised now and again. Though we know that our online pet store at thepuppyplaces.com/shop is great and has everything we need for our dogs, sometimes even we need to go to the store [...]