Summertime Safety


Lab puppy lawnSummertime is upon us here in the great Midwest, and it’s time to start seeing green! We have recently fenced in our yard (our stick-loving dogs are having a field day now that they’re free) and are looking at adding some plant-life to spruce up the place.  There are plenty of things out there that are perfectly safe for your dog, and there are plenty of dogs that will leave most plant-life alone in your yard.  But ours have a tendency to be very nosy and we need to be careful of what we allow them to have contact with. 

 In my research, I’ve found quite a few great online publications that list toxic and non-toxic plants for your dog, so take your time and do a little reading before heading out to the nursery. A little bit of information gathering can prevent a fair amount of sickness. One great publication is from the ASPCA, which lists in detail, toxic plants for dogs, cats, and plenty of other furry animals.

ASPCA Poison Control – Plant List

So take it from me as someone who has “curious” dogs, you can replant torn up flowers, but you can’t replant your pet.  

Photographs courtesy of Jill Kingsbury Photography

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