Honoring the memory of a dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

frances - dog - rainbow bridgeI was inspired today by my friend Francesca.  You see, she recently lost her long time friend, her “love-dog”, Frances.  Frances was a true sweetheart of a dog, and meant the world to Francesca.  Through thick and thin, and through many of life’s changes including a big move across the country, Frances was always there. Many of us who have lost a beloved family member like Frances, understand that sense of loss and desire to commemorate their lives with us. When you’re looking around your home and seeing the many things that belonged to your dog, the toys on the floor; the bag of treats on the counter; the bag of dog food in the pantry; or the empty bed next to your favorite chair.  These are all things that were loved by your dog in life but now sit unused.  We’ve all been faced with the question of what to do with these things. Somehow, it seems wrong to simply throw them away.  It seems disrespectful. Usually when I’m asked about what to do with these things, I encourage people to donate the items.  Do you have another dog loving friend who’s dog would love a box full of “new” toys?  You bet she would!  Remember, they’re new to her.  Things that are in very good condition or can be cleaned well make excellent donations to your local animal shelter, Humane Society or Pet Rescue Organization.  These places are doing wonderful work in bringing new life to pets who could really use the love energy that comes from your beloved dog. I also encourage people to keep something that reminds them fondly of their pet.  We do this all the time for our human loved ones, so don’t feel odd at all about doing something to keep the memory of your “Frances” close to your heart. For Frances, my friend Francesca and her husband Dan, had the fantastic idea of not only keeping a wonderful keepsake memory of Frances, but also re-purposing that item so it continued to be a part of and to enrich their lives. Frances had these super cute, personalized dog bowls.  Well Dan and Francesca had the brilliant idea to keep them in exactly the same spot they always were in their home and then use  them as stands for a couple great potted plants. Francesca Dog Bowls   I love the synergy here!  Frances is honored and continues to be a part of their lives; her life energy helps the plants grow and thrive; and the whole setup went from what could have been a painfully empty spot in their home to a beautiful thriving place of good positive energy! Well done!

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