Puppy Pooper Scooper that works!

wire rake scooperOkay, we’re going to talk about dog poop.  What’s that children’s book?  Everybody Poops or something like that?  Anyway, dogs poop, and they poop in our yards and unless we enjoy having a picnic in a sewer, we need to pick that poop up.  Hmm, training thought, train the dog to deposit poop in the bucket…. anyway, I digress.

We recently purchased the Wire Rake Scooper for Grass.  Like you, we always had trouble with the other scoopers out there when it came to picking up after our dogs.  The plastic deal that looks like a double jawed construction machine would just break and mash the poop.  The little rake and shovel required two hands and was never big enough to hold more than a tur… em, piece or two.

But the Wire Rake Scooper did great!  It’s kind of like a leaf rake with a 90 bend at the end, you just slide the tines through the grass and under the “deposit”.  Lift it up and drop it into the bucket or whatever you use to collect.

It’s the simple things in life that really make a difference!

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