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Ever since Hobbes became our forever dog from the Paws with a Cause program, we’ve been considering pet insurance for him.  When he was with Pause, his vet visits were done at Paws with their excellent care program.  So now, we’re coming out of pocket for his vet visits.  Thankfully he hasn’t had any major issues, but we never want to be faced with a large vet bill that may be cost prohibitive for us.  We never want to have money be a factor in making decisions that affect his life and well being.

So, I’m going to take a look at each of the major pet insurance plans out there.  I’m going to weigh their pros and cons and I’m going to take you on the journey with me.  I hope this unbiased look will help you demystify the pet insurance industry and help you make some decisions for you and your family.

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