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It’s not quite spring yet, but a change is already here. For several years now we have volunteered as foster puppy raisers for a service organization called Paws With A Cause. As foster puppy raisers, our job is to raise a cute and snuggly puppy in our home from 8 weeks old to a little over a year old. We teach them basic obedience commands and tasks, and take them out into the world with us, exposing them to different environments filled with strange sounds, smells, and people, in order to help them focus and perform tasks in any number of situations.

After turning in our 6th puppy, Kermit (whose many photographs grace the webpages of this site!) we had scheduled a short break to plan our upcoming wedding. But as always, the very influential foster puppy coordinator Julie (aka, the Puppy Queen of PAWS) had other ideas. And so, we welcome our 7th PAWS puppy, Monty! Monty has been transferred to us at 5 months old and is the cutest little spitfire lab puppy. He’s smart, sweet, adorable, and he KNOWS it. 😉 Be prepared for many photographs and blog posts about little Monty as he grows up to become a very special service dog for someone in need.

And as you can see, Mr. Monty and our keeper dog, Hobbes, have already become best buds.  And so far, excellent bitey-face partners.

And to see a little more about the process of being a puppy raiser, check out this amazing video by PAWS!

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