The world’s cutest bulldog and her little girl!

A series of professional photography images by photographer Rebecca Leimbach. Check out the full series here: World's Cutest Bulldog and her little Girl  

Cute Puppies!

The Alaskan Klee Kai - like a husky, except it stays a puppy. FOREVER   Jim Cantrell's insight: OMG!   This may be the most adorable breed I've ever seen! See on

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See on - The Puppy Places Catahoula leopard puppy on

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See on - The Puppy Places I neeeeeed this puppy. Cantrell's insight:Baby Great Dane.   Still huge!   But super cute! See on

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See on - The Puppy Places EXTREME puppy eyes �� on

Cookie Monster

Happy Friday!  How many of you woke up to this face today?

Dogs – Their Secret Lives (Documentary in HD!!!)

See on - The Puppy Places Enjoy and please like/subscribe and leave your comments!!! Subscribe here: More Dog Documentarie...   Jim Cantrell's insight: This is a fantastic video!  It takes a scientific approach on what [...]

Bernese Mountain Puppies!!

Cuteness personified!

How to walk your dog…. (It’s Their Walk)

Here's a great video starring Molly Shannon and comedy writer Mike White that shows in a comedic but poignant way how a typical dog walk goes in our busy, hectic lives; and how with just a little more understanding, [...]