How to Train your Puppy in 3 Minutes per Day! Using Eye Contact

We've all seen it.  Dogs working with professionals.  The dog's eyes are locked onto his handler like he's the greatest thing in the world!  How do they do that?  And what can they do with that [...]

Easter Celebrates Life – Adopt a Dog – Give a New Life!

The holiday that is celebrated today is about The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  One man, given another chance at life. You can give that same gift of life, a resurrection.  Adopt a dog (or a cat, [...]

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, from our family to yours!

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Hamming It Up

Almost every week I volunteer at our local humane society, and today I couldn't resist sharing little Maia's mug on the blog.  This girl was hilarious and so, so sweet!!  Say CHEESE!!!

Spring is… here?

Dog Walking – Part 1

Being able to take your dog out for a evening walk can be a wonderful and relaxing thing for everyone involved. And it's exercise for us too! With a little work, and a little patience, you [...]

Stop Fleas and Ticks from infesting your dog and home

from Doctors Foster and Smith First, apply a topical (on-the-skin) flea and tick preventative on your dog. We recommend K9 Advantix II and use it on our own dogs.  K9 Advantix II kills ALL flea life stages and [...]

Dillie The Deer

While we ARE a blog for dogs, occasionally we come across a story that hits home and shows the beautiful relationships humans have with the animal world.  In the story of Dillie the Deer, that is [...]

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A Star Is Born

  Yesterday was an excellent day for those of us at The Puppy Places, since we partnered with Paws With A Cause trainers and pups to put together a series of training videos for you!   [...]

Guide Dogs Lead this Couple to the Altar!

This is such a fantastic story!  As you may or may not know, I'm marrying the woman of my dreams in June.  So maybe I'm just extra sensitive to stories like this.  But who cares!  This [...]