Our Pet Store has surprising deals!

20130716-091306.jpg Even we get surprised now and again. Though we know that our online pet store at thepuppyplaces.com/shop is great and has everything we need for our dogs, sometimes even we need to go to the store and grab something. In this case it was a no-pull harness. We wanted to test it out, so we headed to our local PetSmart and found what we were looking for. We tried Meijer first, but they didn’t have anything besides regular collars. We found the harness for the grand total of $30 in the store. Just for grins, I checked our web store. I must admit that even I was surprised! We had the exact same product, for $16! Check it out: PetSafe Easy Walk Pet Harness, Large

Combine that with Amazon’s Prime membership, and we had free two day shipping. Awesome, right?

Check back in soon, we’ll be reviewing different harnesses and collars to help with loose leash walking!

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