Nana-N-Paws Doggie Daycare, Training, Grooming, and Sleepover Center

Nana-n-Paws Doggie Daycare offers your precious pet an affordable alternative to staying home alone all day.  Let them enjoy our 7,000 sq. foot indoor play area and 11,000 sq. foot outdoor playground, complete with a swim area (in the summer months), agility, climbing and tunneling structures as well as tons of toys to keep them occupied all day… so you can relax at night.

We offer 24-hour on-site care so you can feel secure in knowing that your precious pet is never alone. Our overnight guests also get to enjoy our daycare facility, which is much better than sitting in a cage for days on end waiting for mom and dad to return. In addition to our cageless community sleepover center (complete with toddler beds), we also offer roomy private kennels and luxurious pet suites for those who prefer to relax in their own private space. We believe that dogs belong on cushions… not in cages.

Nana-n-Paws offers a variety of training classes to suit every need. We have everything from basic obedience to advanced competition level training. We also offer classes in agility, schutzhund, personal protection and conformation as well as Good Citizenship Certification, Therapy Dog International Certification and service dog training. All classes are taught by highly qualified instructors who love, honor and respect the bond between people and their pets.

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