Did You Know This Could Hurt Your Dog? – Dog Safety

As the temps get warmer, we need to take extra caution with our pups. So let’s get the word out and keep our dogs safe!

Many people believe that a dog can walk on pretty much any surface, but that’s NOT true! In the summertime, blacktop or asphalt can easily reach dangerous temperatures, burning the pads on your dog’s feet. To determine if the surface is too hot for your pup, try this quick and easy test. Place the back of your hand on the asphalt for several seconds. If it hurts you, it’s TOO hot for your dog. Another easy way to test is if you’re wearing flip flops or slip ons, slide your shoe off and stand on the ground for several seconds. If it only becomes uncomfortable for you (the bottom of your feet are much less sensitive than the back of your hand), it’s STILL too hot for your dog.

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Dog Safety - Paw Pads on Hot Asphalt


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