Cold Weather Pups

German Shepherd Snow Dive

Greetings from the beautiful state of Michigan, currently the land of ice and snow!  Our present weather conditions are quite cold and I was reminded of that last evening when taking the pups out to potty.  After only a minute or so of walking in the snow the littlest one, little girl Dune, started picking her paws up and limping, as the cold was getting painful for her paws.  While a dog’s paws are tough, they are susceptible to the same pains that we are.  So, my answer is to purchase boots for them, as the weather is only going to get colder over the next week.  It was a good reminder that although they’re built to walk barefoot, their paw pads are still quite sensitive to the cold, ice, and especially salt on the sidewalks.  So please, please, keep a close eye on your pups in these cold temperatures, and I highly recommend checking out our shop for some (adorable) winter boots!

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