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Cookie Monster

Happy Friday!  How many of you woke up to this face today?

Dogs – Their Secret Lives (Documentary in HD!!!)

See on - The Puppy Places Enjoy and please like/subscribe and leave your comments!!! Subscribe here: More Dog Documentarie...   Jim Cantrell's insight: This is a fantastic video!  It takes a scientific approach on what [...]

Monday - Let the dog sleep - Meme


We feel your pain, little pup...

Sneak Peek – Echo Litter of puppies

Now, we love ALL dogs, that's a GIVEN.  However, we have a special place in our heart for this momma's pups, as we have one of our own from a previous litter of puppies.  Here's momma [...]

The Puppy Places - Adopt a dog - Rescue dog - Humane Society of West Michigan

Olive – Adopt a dog – Humane Society of West Michigan

We recently discussed dog photography with our local humane society, The Humane Society of West Michigan, and after seeing all the adorable pups that need homes I couldn't help but volunteer there.  This morning was my [...]

Traveling with Your Dog

TRAVELING WITH YOUR DOG  from the American Kennel Club Taking your dog along can make the family vacation more fun for everyone, if you plan carefully. Here are some trip tips to make traveling with your [...]

Honoring the memory of a dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

I was inspired today by my friend Francesca.  You see, she recently lost her long time friend, her "love-dog", Frances.  Frances was a true sweetheart of a dog, and meant the world to Francesca.  Through thick [...]

How to Save a Dog’s Life with Photography

So, you love photography.  Maybe you're a professional, maybe it's just a hobby for you. Either way, you've got a camera and an itch to use it. Have you considered putting your skills to use for a [...]

Paws Puppy Monty

It's not quite spring yet, but a change is already here. For several years now we have volunteered as foster puppy raisers for a service organization called Paws With A Cause. As foster puppy raisers, our [...]