Pet Health and Well Being

Happy Dogs through Proper Play

What toys should you choose?  Going with what your dog or puppy likes is the first criteria.  Take him to the local pet store and let him sniff one out.  We do that every year for [...]

Dog Safety - Paw Pads on Hot Asphalt

Did You Know This Could Hurt Your Dog? – Dog Safety

Many people believe that a dog can walk on pretty much any surface, but that's NOT true! In the summertime, blacktop or asphalt can easily reach dangerous temperatures, burning the pads on your dog's feet. To [...]

Easter Celebrates Life – Adopt a Dog – Give a New Life!

The holiday that is celebrated today is about The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  One man, given another chance at life. You can give that same gift of life, a resurrection.  Adopt a dog (or a cat, [...]

Stop Fleas and Ticks from infesting your dog and home

from Doctors Foster and Smith First, apply a topical (on-the-skin) flea and tick preventative on your dog. We recommend K9 Advantix II and use it on our own dogs.  K9 Advantix II kills ALL flea life stages and [...]

How to walk your dog…. (It’s Their Walk)

Here's a great video starring Molly Shannon and comedy writer Mike White that shows in a comedic but poignant way how a typical dog walk goes in our busy, hectic lives; and how with just a little more understanding, [...]

Traveling with Your Dog

TRAVELING WITH YOUR DOG  from the American Kennel Club Taking your dog along can make the family vacation more fun for everyone, if you plan carefully. Here are some trip tips to make traveling with your [...]

Honoring the memory of a dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

I was inspired today by my friend Francesca.  You see, she recently lost her long time friend, her "love-dog", Frances.  Frances was a true sweetheart of a dog, and meant the world to Francesca.  Through thick [...]

Keeping your dog’s attention on leash

Keeping Attention Without Treats! Walking Your Dog With Distractions by Kimberly LeMaster It can be incredible at how attentive your dog can be on a walk, heeling nicely beside you in perfect form. Of course, you [...]

First Aid for your Dog

Knowing first aid can save your dog's life Several easy techniques can also indicate General Health   Too few dog owners know  what to do in case of an emergency with their pet.  All pet owners should [...]

How to Choose the Right Dog Food

This is a VERY complex topic!  At the very least it's rife with exceptions and special needs cases.  Plus, as you know, we're not vets.  So, we're searching for the answers just like you. As we [...]